DAS 195 - Psychology of Prejudice

A guide for students in the DAS 195 Psychology of Prejudice section

Library Research Guide


PsycINFO is a database devoted to all facets of Psychology. It provides information about books, journal articles, dissertations, and conference papers. 

Tips for using PsycINFO:

  • Use one row per concept. For each concept think of synyonyms, broader concepts, and narrower concepts and enter those alternatives in the boxes for that row.
    • You can enter multiple terms in one box by putting OR between the terms. For example: women OR females OR girls.
    • If you want both terms, use AND. For example: mothers AND children
  • Use an asterisk as a wildcard to search for all words starting with the letters before the asterisk.
    • For example, stereotyp* will search for stereotype OR stereotypes OR stereotyping OR stereotypical (and any other word starting with stereotyp).
  • Use quotation marks to search for a phrase
    • "Family systems" searches those words together.
  • Examine the results you like and take note of the assigned subject terms that seem pertinent. Perform a new search using those subject terms.

Using the PsycINFO Thesaurus

PsycINFO uses a specific set of terms or phrases as subject headings to describe what the content is about.

  • The terms are controlled.
    • The same term is assigned to the same concept, even if the articles use different words to talk about it. For example, articles about "assessment" or "tests" will be assigned the subject heading "measurement" .
  • These terms can help you find related items quickly, and can help you avoid items that are not relevant.


You can discover these terms by accessing the Thesaurus from the Advanced search screen.

Screenshot showing link to thesaurus in PsycInfo

Search for a term. It is best to use single-word searches. After searching, click entries of interest to learn more.

Screenshot showing search for the word prejudice in PsycInfo's Thesaurus


You can conduct searches from the thesaurus by clicking boxes next to terms. Exploding is a quick way to search for a term and all terms below it in the hierarchy.