HIST 586 - Advanced Seminar in History

These pages provide links and instruction useful for completing assignments in HIST 586 - Advanced Seminar.

Library Research Guide


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Welcome to the HISTORY 586 research guide. This guide will help researchers:

  • develop effective searches to locate relevant books, articles, maps, videos, and other secondary sources
  • develop search words relevant to their topics and historical time periods in order to more effectively locate primary sources
  • distinguish between primary and secondary sources
  • refine and focus searches

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Example Papers

Take a look at these papers written by seniors in History. These papers demonstrate:

  • an ability to select a good topic that presents a new perspective, but can be effectively discussed in under 30 pages;
  • use of a mix of primary and secondary sources;
  • clear writing that states a thesis and supports that thesis with
    a) evidence from primary sources
    b) ideas and perspectives from secondary sources 
    c) original concepts developed by the author

The authors of these papers cite their sources within the text so it is obvious what is evidence, what is someone else's ideas, and what is original to the author.