PSYCH 350 - Experimental Methods in Psychology

A guide for students doing research in Psychology

Library Research Guide

RefWorks and Citing

Keep track of the sources you use for your research so you can cite them in your paper and bibliography. It is very important to cite your sources to provide appropriate credit for the ideas of other researchers to avoid plagiarism. You will create a citation whenever you use the words (direct quote) or ideas (paraphrase) from another author. Failing to do so is a violation of the K-State Honor Code.

You will use APA format to cite the articles you find. 

Many databases have a "cite" link on the records that will help you create a citation in the appropriate format, like this one in PsycINFO:


Screenshot of a record from PsycINFO showing location of the cite resources link


RefWorks is a bibliographic management tool that will allow you to collect your citations and format bibliographies for your research. Using a citation management system like RefWorks can save you lots of time in writing your bibliographies, but be sure to proofread - it isn't perfect! Use your K-State email when you sign up for your account. Once you have logged into RefWorks, there are great tutorials in its help section (click the question mark at the top right of your RefWorks account), and more information and tips on the RefWorks tab of the Citations and Bibliographies LibGuide.

Find more citation tools on our Citations and Bibliographies Guide.

Help with APA Citations

APA Style Guide