GWSS 105 - Introduction to Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies

Library Research Guide

Popular and Scholarly Articles

Below are databases that work very well for researching in Gender, Women, and Sexuality Studies--because GWSS is an interdisciplinary field, you may need to search in different databases ranging from general to Sociology or Literature.

Use Search It

Search It is a tool that you can use to search across the library collection. This video (2:20) gives a brief introduction to using Search It. 

Primary Sources in the Databases

Generally speaking, a "primary source" is any publication or piece of information that is both original and contemporary with the time period being studied.  Examples include diaries, letters, historical newspapers, news-reels, and more.

We have a large number of databases that have primary source content.  For each of the databases with this type of content, we have added the "Primary Sources" tag to their information.  However we have also produced a list for you with the particular databases that we think will be the most useful to your quest for primary source material.