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Data - Numeric Resources

Sources of freely available data and statistics for all subjects

Library Research Guide

K-State Resources

K-State Libraries

Contains the statistical datasets purchased by the Kansas State University Libraries.  


Kansas Center for Agricultural Resources and the Environment (KCARE)

Established to coordinate and enhance research, extension, and teaching activities pertaining to environmental issues related to agriculture. 


K-State Research and Extension

Links to the different resources, programs, and data offered and collected by the Research and Extension office in topics such as community development, crops and livestock, business and economics, the environment, youth development, health and nutrition, home and family, and lawn and garden.

K-State Center for Engagement and Community Development

Extends and expands K-State's historic mission of engagement and outreach.  It is a place where university faculty and community leaders can come together to address community challenges, meet community needs, and realize community dreams through effective scholarship-based engagement.


Kansas Aerial Photography Initiative (KAPI)

A collection of more than 65,000 Kansas aerial photographs held by the K-State Libraries. The original photography was taken for the U.S. Department of Agriculture. All images are in the public domain.  This website provides the means by which users can identify specific images and request that they be scanned. 


Biodiversity Information System (BiodIS)

Based on the Herbarium and Museum of Entomological and Prairie Arthropod Research, BiodIS is a portal for biodiversity data; including taxonomic, geographic, and ecological information, accompanied by a variety of digital resources.


Konza Prairie Long Term Ecological Research Data

Contains data collected at the Konza Prairie Biological Station; including flora and fauna, soil, chemistry, stream flow, precipitation, bird, and insect information.


Kansas Wildflowers and Grasses

Contains information and identification photos for 840 species of forbs, grasses, sedges, rushes, trees, and other woody plants that are found growing in Kansas.


Weather Data Library

From K-State Research and Extension, the Weather Data Library contains data on precipitation, air and soil temperature, and helpful links to other sites and information about the Kansas climate.

Kansas Data Sources

Kansas Applied Remote Sensing (KARS) Program

A program of the Kansas Biological Survey that conducts research on environmental and agricultural applications of remote sensing technology.


State of Kansas GIS Data Access and Support Center (DASC)

Current geospatial data acquired and developed for the state of Kansas from various federal, state, and educational institutions, are stored and distributed here.

Kansas Geological Survey

This site includes geological studies and research, collect, correlate, preserve, and disseminate information leading to a better understanding of the geology of Kansas.  A special emphasis is placed on natural resources of economic value, water quality and quantity, and geologic hazards.


KU Libraries' GIS and Data Lab

Links to data and resources to help learn GIS, including Open Source Software Training.  Some resources (GIS Workshops) are only available to KU students.  If you are interested in a GIS workshop, please contact the K-State Data Librarian at


State Data Center (State Library)

Provides demographic and economic data from the U.S. Census Bureau and other sources to their patrons.


KU Institute for Policy and Social Research (IPSR)

Brings together social scientists from a broad range of disciplines to pursue and conduct sponsored research at the international, national, regional, state, and local levels. IPSR affiliated faculty represent disciplines such as economics, education, environmental studies, geography, political science, public administration, social welfare, sociology, and urban planning.


Docking Institute of Public Affairs (FHSU)

This group aims to facilitate effective public policy decision making among governmental and non-profit entities. Their main services include survey and focus group research, economic impact analysis, public policy analysis, and strategic planning.


Center for Economic Development and Business Research (WSU)

The mission is to enhance the region's economic growth and development by collecting, analyzing and disseminating business, economic, and demographic information, and conducting applied business, economic, and demographic research.

Regional Data Sources

Missouri Census Data Center

Provides resources and information to assist patrons in their work with the Census Bureau.  Similar to the services provided by the State of Kansas Data Center.


Aerial Photographs of Colorado

Provides access to more than 1,700 digitized aerial photographs of Colorado taken by the U.S. Forest Service in the years from 1938 to 1947.