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Data Visualization

Free Tools to help visualize your data

Library Research Guide

Collections of DH Tools

DH Toychest: Digital Humanities Tools

Online or downloadable tools that are free, free to students, or have generous trial periods without tight usage constraints, watermarks, or other spoilers.  Mostly tools that can be run online or installed on a personal computer without needing an institutional server.  Organized by what the tools 'do'.  Very extensive list.  Tools that are prevalent, canonical, or having "buzz" in the digital humanities community, and those having high power or general application are identified with checkmarks.


DiRT Directory (Digital Research Tools)

A registry of digital research tools for scholarly use. DiRT makes it easy for those conducting digital research to find and compare resources ranging from content management systems to music OCR, statistical analysis packages, and mindmapping software.  Can use the advance search feature to filter out the free tools.


TAPoR 2.0

Gateway to tools used in sophisticated text analysis and retrieval. Discover text manipulation, analysis, and visualization tools, also reviews and recommendations about specific tools. Hosted by the University of Alberta.


Designed for Humanities Data


From the Research Lab at Stanford University, Palladio is a web-based platform for the visualization of complex, multi-dimensional data.  They view it as the first step toward opening data visualization to any researcher by making it possible to upload data and visualize within the browser without any barriers. There is no need to create an account and they do not store the data.  Several tutorials are available as well as a dataset to try out.


Data USA

Data USA puts public US Government data in your hands. Instead of searching through multiple data sources that are often incomplete and difficult to access, you can simply point to Data USA to answer your questions. Data USA provides an open, easy-to-use platform that turns data into knowledge. It allows millions of people to conduct their own analysis and create their own stories about America – its people, places, industries, skill sets and educational institutions. Ultimately, accelerating society’s ability to learn and better understand itself.