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Microfilm scanner

Microform readers help you read, scan, email, adjust, crop, print, and save to a flash drive. We have microform machines available for use on the 2nd Floor of Hale Library.  Please ask for help at the Library Help Desk located next to the microfilm room.

The other is in our Special Collections Department located on the 5th floor of Hale Library.  The public can visit the reading room from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. For more information, contact the Special Collections department at or 785-532-7456.

Manhattan Public Library also has a microfilm reader available for public use.  For more information visit, Manhattan Public Library.


Microform Reader - Quick Introduction

loading fiche with arrow pointing downwards
Loading Fiche: Pull grey metal plate toward you until window flips up. Fiche go face down, top toward you. 
Loading film: pull gray metal plate toward you until the window flips up. snap reel on, thread under white roller, glass plate, white roller, and slip into slot on takeup reel. 
make sure both power buttons are ON.
opening the software
When you open, you are in BROWSE mode. Rotate the image, if necessary
Adjust positive/negative to black text on white background
Adjust light levels
Zoom in and out, refocusing as needed, until you optimize a page for reading
FILM: navigate forward and backward with red buttons on screen or on ViewScan
FICHE: navigate manually by sliding the gray handle forward/backward and left/right
MAGNIFY a page to the desired size. Note: The .pdf file you make can be enlarged.
CROP: Change tab from BROWSE to CROPPING. Pull the
You can crop two adjacent pages at a time
CAPTURE the cropped area after accepting responsibility for copyright compliance
After capture, the image will appear below
After capturing several pages, click file to save
Name the file, select multi-page PDF, and save
After saving the file, you can return to ViewScan to capture more, or quit.
clear your images as a courtesy to the next user
pull the gray metal handle towards you to lift the glass plate. Remove the fiche or rewind the film using the left red button.
Turn off the ViewScan machine by returning both black power buttons to the [o] position
Ask a staff person for assistance at the help desk or consult the help poster after hours