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Print, Copy, and Scan

image of printers in Hale LibraryOur libraries have equipment for printing, scanning and copying. We're happy to help you find and use our technology.

Print, Copy, and Scan - learn more


Use our scanners, for free, and send scanned documents to your email or save them to a USB drive


  • Limited, free printing is available for all students, faculty and staff
    • Additional funds may be added to your account through Cat Cash
  • Use one of the Libraries' desktop computers for more print options such as duplex (double sided) and printing slides and notes in PowerPoint
  • Cost to print - Black and white prints and copies are 10 cents for single-sided or 18 cents for double-sided. Color printing is 35 cents for single-sided and 70 cents for double-sided.
  • Jobs are held in the print queue for 2 hours.

Laptop Printing Instructionsimage of scanner and color printer in Hale Library
QR code printing instructionsUse your smart phone's camera to access instructions

Locations of Equipment in Hale Library - see the floor maps for details