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ENGL 100 - Expository Writing (Manhattan)

Library Research Guide

How to Evaluate Sources

Watch the following video to learn how to evaluate sources.

Evaluating Sources by Western Libraries
 (Western Libraries)/ CC BY-NC-ND 3.0

The CRAAP Test

When searching for resources (especially on the Internet), keep the following five points in mind.

  1. Currency: Is the information current and up-to-date? 
  2. Relevance: Is the information related and relevant to your topic? Is the information at an appropriate level (i.e. not too elementary or advanced for your needs)? 
  3. Authority: What is the reputation or credentials of the creator?
  4. Accuracy: Can you verify the information you found? Does the language or tone seem unbiased and free of emotion? 
  5. Purpose/Objectivity: Is the purpose of the resource to inform? How might the author's bias influence the information?