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ENGL 100 - Expository Writing (Manhattan)

Library Research Guide

Research Angles

There are several angles at which you can approach this assignment. These are listed in the assignment description, but it's worth exploring here.

1. Mini-ethnography

This angle requires you to discover how the community works, and explain this to your readers. 

Some possible questions to explore include:

Who are the members? What are the values the members share? How do members interact? 

2. Misconceptions

This angle asks you to explore and respond to misconceptions that your audience might have about the community. 

What misconceptions might there be regarding an atheist club, a local chapter of the NRA, or a powerlifting group? 

3. Issue

This approach asks you consider your community group in the context of a larger issue. For example, how might the #MeToo movement affect sexual harassment training for a local company?

Primary & Secondary Research

For this assignment, your primary research is your interview with someone in the community you're interested in. The secondary research is the information you're being asked to find to support your primary research, i.e., information you find through library databases and other tools.