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FASH 245 - Fashion Industry

This class guide supports student research for the Fall 2019 session of AT 245.

Library Research Guide

Guide to Search It

Search It is the K-State Libraries main resource for finding and accessing research materials.

The Search It LibGuide includes step-by-step instructions for Accessing Resources. This includes:

  • using Search It to discover materials relevant to your research,
  • how to find articles available electronically,
  • connecting with physical copies of books, 
  • and requesting materials through our interlibrary loan system

The Search It Box on K-State Libraries' Home Page

Search It box on home page


  • Searches from this box are only keyword searches (no distinction between author, title, etc.).
  • Search It simultaneously searches K-State Libraries' physical holdings and most of its online collections, including millions of articles and electronic books
  • To access this interface, navigate to K-State Libraries' home page: 

The Simple Search Interface in Search It


  • A dropdown menu allows you to control the extent of collections covered by your search.
    • Books, articles + more
    • K-State Libraries only
    • Course Reserves
    • Research Guides
  • Drop-down menus below the search box provide additional control over your search.
  • To find this interface, perform a search using the Search It box on the Libraries' home page. This interface will be shown at the top of the results screen.

The Advanced Search Interface in Search It


  • Four facets in a dropdown menu next to the search box control the extent of collections covered by your search.
  • Use Boolean Operators to help narrow your search results.
    • AND = both concepts must be present, helps limit the search (Ex. "autism spectrum disorder" AND "educational environments")
    • OR = great for synonyms  (Ex. "universal design" OR "inclusive design")
    • NOT = exclude an unrelated term  (Ex. "lois weinthal" NOT "book review")
  • The fields to the right can be used to further narrow the search results.
  • More research needs?  Request an appointment.

Search It Flow Chart

Flowchart of information sources within Search It