Political Science

This guide provides information about conducting research and library resources for students studying political science.

Library Research Guide


JSTOR contains the full-text of articles from over 500 prestigious scholarly journals. Coverage for each journal begins with the first issue and extends up through a few years before the present.

Tips for using JSTOR

  • Click the Advanced Search link and then:
    • place a check mark next to Article
    • use the language drop-down to specify a language  
  • Use an asterisk as a wildcard to search for many words at once, for example elect* will search for elect OR election OR elections OR electoral (and any other word starting with elect)
  • Start broadly by searching for only one or two key terms and truncating those terms.
  • If you get too many results after doing that, use proximity searching to focus the results, e.g., president* Near 5 elect* will search for anyword starting with president within 5 words of any word starting with elect
  • If you still get too many results, try searching only the titles of articles by changing the drop-down menus to "item title." 

Suggested Research Databases

Here are a few databases that we think will be the most useful to your research.  There are even more databases listed under the Political Science subject in our databases.

Search It

Use Search It, our discovery tool, to locate books, articles, music, movies, e-books, and more. The tool returns results that can be refined by:

  • peer-reviewed journals
  • full-text resources
  • topic
  • creation date

Watch this overview of using Search It.