Political Science

This guide provides information about conducting research and library resources for students studying political science.

Library Research Guide


The internet is awesome!  You can find a lot of stuff there (not everything) and sometimes it can be really difficult to actually find what you need as researchers.  Below are some explanations of a few super simple ways you can do advanced searches in Google:

A) You can force Google to only give you results for the type of websites you want.  Website domains like .gov, .edu, and .org are just a few examples, but you can use others (including designations for foreign countries). 

B) You can use symbols like * to shorten words in your search and bring back results for words with similar roots.  For examples searching for teach* will return results for "teach," "teaching" and "teacher."

C) Normally when you search in Google it looks for every word individually, which can result in a lot of irrelevant results.  If you are searching for specific phrases, you can use quotations to force Google to search for those words together.

Google Search Tips