Political Science

This guide provides information about conducting research and library resources for students studying political science.

Library Research Guide

Government Information

There is an incredible amount of government information available to you.  Below are just a few basic links, but there are actually MANY more resources that you may wish to explore.  For the most comprehensive overview of the resources K-State Libraries has and recommends, we suggest looking at our Government Information guide.

Statistical Data

There are many ways to find statistical data on every topic imaginable.  Depending on your research topic, one of the best ways to find statistical data is by reading through secondary literature (scholarly articles, research publications, etc...) and looking at the authors' sources.

However, you can also pursue this kind of data directly.  You can find a large list of statistical data resources in our "Government Information" guide.
Image is from website xkcd.com and shows a graph of Google results for "Died in a ____ accident".