Political Science

This guide provides information about conducting research and library resources for students studying political science.

Library Research Guide

Adding References Manually

To add an item to RefWorks, click the Add a reference icon Image of the Add a reference icon at the top of the page. If you plan on adding the item to an existing collection, click on the collection first, then click the Add a reference icon Image of the Add a reference icon.

You'll have three options:

  • Upload document
  • Import references
  • Create new reference

Screenshot of Add a new reference options

You can drag and drop a document (.pdf, .doc, etc.) directly into the Upload document box to upload an existing MS Office, Open Office or .pdf file from your computer. Only one document per item allowed. 

You can import references from a text file in the formats offered. From the import references screen, you will able to drag and drop the file onto the page to begin importing.

Using Create new reference you can manually enter your bibliographic data or drag and drop a file to be imported as well.

Tip:  If you have multiple documents to add to RefWorks, you can select and drag them all at once. RefWorks will create separate items for each.

Regardless of which option you choose, RefWorks attempts to auto-complete the reference fields on the page. RefWorks’s document recognition feature is compiled from a combination of authoritative citation sources, ProQuest databases, and end-user generated content and is continually revised and optimized to deliver the best possible results. 

You can change the reference type and manually edit the reference fields. Plus additional fields can be added using the Add more fields drop down box at the bottom of the page. 

Once you have manually added your item using one of these options, click Save and your item will be added to your RefWorks library.

Uploading One or More Documents from Your Computer

RefWorks makes it easy to import documents from your computer by dragging and dropping documents or uploading citation information from a file. 

RefWorks will try to recognize and populate the reference information using our document authority. RefWorks will present you with possible matches which you can select to populate the reference fields.

  • If no reference information is provided, you can manually enter the information.  

Drag and Drop

If you want to add your documents to a specific folder, make sure you’re viewing the folder first, then drag and drop the file(s).

  • If you’re dragging multiple files, RefWorks will create a separate item for each document.

If you do not need your documents in a specific folder, drag and drop documents in the All Documents view and you can file them in collections once they are uploaded.

Screenshot demonstrating how to drag and drop files into RefWorks

Import from a file

Need to import from a file? No problem. RefWorks supports hundreds of formats including RIS, BibTeX, and PubMed.

Click the Add a reference icon Image of the Add a reference icon at the top of the page. If you plan on adding the item to an existing collection, click on the collection first, then click the Add a reference icon Image of the Add a reference icon.

Follow the screen directions to drag and drop a file into RefWorks, or use the link to "select a file from your computer" and upload it.

  • You may need to tell RefWorks what kind of file you are uploading (e.g. BibTeX)
  • Make sure to click the Save button to save the reference information.