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ENGL 417 - Written Communication for the Workplace

This guide contains resources and learning advice commonly needed for written communication in the workplace.

Library Research Guide

Database Directory

Database Directory

Research Articles

In most cases, there is no one perfect article out there that will tell you everything you need to answer your research question - that's why you're asking it! If you cannot find an article that directly discusses what you need, look for articles that address parts of your topic or other related topics and apply those to yours.

A few databases we recommend starting with for your report:

Search It


One of the best places to start searching for articles is through the tool Search It.

If you need to go beyond Search It to directly access some of our more subject-specific databases, you can also find a link to our database directory on the homepage.

We have a robust guide that can help you use the Search It tool, but below there are a few quick suggestions.





A) At the top of the screen, you can conduct new searches and use advanced options to limit your searches.

B) You can narrow your search results by PEER REVIEWED and 100% ONLINE (access from home!) materials.

C) Along the left side of the screen, you can narrow your results by the format (scholarly articles, newspapers, books, etc...) and by topic.