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BIOL 551 - Taxonomy of Vascular Plants

Library resources to help BIOL 551 students with their species accounts project.

Library Research Guide

Interlibrary Loan Overview

In the course of your research, you will probably discover articles and books that are not immediately available to you either because K-State Libraries do not own them or because they are currently checked out. When this happens, chances are very good that you can still get these items by requesting them through Interlibrary Loan.

Essential Facts about our Interlibrary Loan Service:

  • K-State Libraries will pay the cost of obtaining these items
  • Typical Delivery Times:
    • 2-5 days for PDFs (articles, etc.)
    • 3-10 days for other material
  • PDFs are delivered to your account
  • Other materials are delivered to the library desk in the Union, across from the art gallery
  • Our Interlibrary Services Unit will send an e-mail to you when your item is available

Using Get It to Place ILL Requests

The Get It button:

If you use one of our databases that is powered by Get It (most of them are), you will see a Get It button whenever the database tells you about a resource but that specific database does not have the full item. For example, if you search the Web of Science databases with the term, flora Galapagos you would see the following among the results:

What happens when you click the Get It button:

When you click a Get It button, you will be connected to Search It, the Libraries' discovery tool. 

If the Libraries' have the item electronically, you will see a menu showing you links you can use to view the item online.

  • If the Libraries do not have the item electronically, you will see a menu advising you that you need to check holdings. 
  • When this happens, use Search It to search for the item by title to see if we own it in print format. If we do not have it in print format, click the Request from Interlibrary Loan link (shown above).
  • After clicking that link you will be prompted to login to your interlibrary loan account. After doing that, you will see a request form that is partially complete. Make sure to fill out any required fields that are empty. Also double-check all fields that have been completed. After you complete the form, click the Submit button.