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Newspapers available to K-State students, faculty, and staff through K-State Libraries

Library Research Guide

Recent Issues

The online edition of Kansas State Collegian is published Monday through Friday when classes are in session, and weekly over the summer.

You can pick up print copies of the Kansas State Collegian around campus, including in the Student Union near the Cat's Den.

Older Issues

To search the Collegian's archives (available from 2006-present), look for the magnifying glass located at the top-right side of the Collegian home page.  


Google Search (2006-present)

For items published in the Collegian after 2006, use and search term(s):


Historical Indexes

Special Collections can help you search for articles as far back as 1875! Staff will help you search 3 indexes by period:

  • History Index (to Kansas State University publications) 1875-1965
  • Collegian Index. 1966-1996
  • Collegian Database, 1997 - present

Internet Archive

Online versions of the Kansas State Collegian are included in the Internet Archive database, within a collection listed as "Kansas State University Newspapers".  

Image displays search results for Kansas State University Newspapers from the Internet Archive database

Multiple issues are bundled into volumes.  You may sort these by DATE PUBLISHED for ease of browsing. However, entering keywords in the box labeled "Search this Collection" is not advised, because results are not clearly restricted to this set of publications.  Instead, open one of the volumes of issues to search, and click on the small magnifying glass icon to keyword-search within those pages, as shown below:

Image displays an opened full text page of the K-State Collegian with the magnifying glass icon for full text searching

When you do, a small window appears that you can use to enter keywords from headlines and full text articles:

Image displays the search box with sample search "tuition" and results highlighted from pages of text in the Collegian