KIN 220 - Biobehavioral Bases of Physical Activity

Welcome! This guide is designed to help you learn how to use K-State Libraries' many resources to complete your KIN 220 assignments.

Library Research Guide

Searching PubMed

The last lesson is about how to search the database PubMed. This is the database you're required to use for your lab assignment. Watch the videos below to learn how to use PubMed.

Searching PubMed, Part One Video

Searching PubMed, Part Two Video

Next Steps

You have now learned how to ask the right questions, understand different types of information, conduct search strategies, and how to use the database PubMed. You're now ready to go and search PubMed for your abstracts and articles!

You can link directly to PubMed below and remember - you can email Cindy Logan or ask for research help at anytime!