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The Prairie Studies Initiative aims to strengthen dialogue and inspire creative scholarship among those engaged in studying the natural ecosystems, history, culture, and livelihoods of the prairies.

Library Research Guide

General Reference (Vertical File Collections)

Inside the Konza newspaper clipping        Where the bison roam newspaper clipping        Perspective clipping


The Vertical Files Collection consists of folders containing ephemeral materials such as flyers, handbills, leaflets, and clippings on a variety of topics.


Konza Prairie (News Clippings, 2000): News clippings on Konza Prairie from 2000 to the present.

The Konza Connection: News clippings, programs, and booklets dealing with the Konza connection.

Konza Prairie (General): A general information file on Konza Prairie that includes news clippings, programs, and booklets.

Konza Prairie (History): Information on the history of Konza Prairie.

Tallgrass Prairie (News and Programs): News clippings, programs, and booklets dealing with topics related to prairies and grasslands.


Photographs (Vertical File Collections)

Black and white photo of prairie        Black and white photo of barn        Black and white photo of prairie fire


The Vertical Files Collection consists of folders containing ephemeral materials such as flyers, handbills, leaflets, and clippings on a variety of topics.


Konza Prairie: Photographs of Konza Prairie.

Konza Prairie, Dewey Ranch: Photographs of Konza Prairie’s Dewey Ranch.

Prairie: Photographs of the Flint Hills and surrounding region. 

Prairie Farmer: Photographs of farmers in the Flint Hills.

Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve: Photographs of the Tallgrass Prairie National Reserve.


Manuscript and Archival Collections

K-State Division of Biology Konza seal        Keep the Grasslands Free sign        Save tallgrass prairie conference emblem

Tallgrass Debate

Rogler Ranch Tallgrass Prairie: This collection contains brochures and flyers, signs, newspaper clippings, magazines, and printed material relating to the debate on creating a Tallgrass National Prairie Preserve.

Save the Tallgrass Prairie, Inc.: This collection contains correspondence, reports, brochures and flyers, newsletters, newspaper clippings, maps, financial and legal documents, and related material of the Save the Tallgrass Prairie, Inc. (STP), 1971-1985. Its primary goal was to support legislation for the establishment of a Tallgrass Prairie National Park in the Flint Hills of Kansas.



Division of Biology—Konza Prairie: This archival collection includes correspondence, reports, brochures and flyers, newsletters, newspaper clippings, maps, and printed material of the Kansas State University Division of Biology related to Konza Prairie.

Division of Biology— Friends of Konza: This collection is part of the Division of Biology materials that focus on the Friends of Konza group.



David Dary Papers: Journalist and Historian David Dary donated his extensive collection of personal papers to the Morse Department of Special Collections in 2011. The David Dary Papers include information about the Tallgrass National Prairie Preserve, grasslands and the American West, and materials related to “Save the Tallgrass Prairie” organization. 



Prairie Schooner (1956-1960): A literary journal that profiles Great Plains scholarship. Articles include poetry, short stories, and creative writing on the grasslands.  

Guide to Historical Records and Publications of the Konza Prairie: A Special Collections guide that highlights various scientific publications and records of the Konza Prairie Biological Station.

List of Publications-Kansas Agriculture Experiment Station & Cooperative Extension: A survey of numerous experiment station projects and extension reports on Kansas farming, ranching, and agricultural science. 

Select Books

Konza Prairie book cover        History and Ecology book cover        Pure Prairie book cover


Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve legislative history, 1920-1996 / Rebecca Conrad. 

Ghost settlement on the Prairie: a biography of Thurman, Kansas / Joseph V. Hickey.

Fire on the prairie: Methodism in the history of Kansas / Don W. Holter. 

Addie of the Flint Hills: a prairie child during the depression / Adaline Sorace.

Reflections of Kansas, 1900-1930: a prairie postcard album / by Frank Wood and Scott Daymond.


Moods of the prairie: in verse and art / poems by Edwin M. Eakin.

Late harvest: plains and prairie poets / edited by Robert Killoren. 

Prairie sketches : poems and drawings / Raymond S. Nelson.


Wildflowers and grasses of Kansas : a field guide / Michael John Haddock.

Grassland historical studies: natural resources utilization in a background of science and technology / James C. Malin. 

Prairie People

Just folks: earthly tales of the prairie heartland / Jerry W. Engler.

Prairie farms and prairie folk / By Parker Gillmore.

Cowboys and Kansas: stories from the Tallgrass Prairie / James F. Hoy. 

Dying and living on the Kansas prairie: a diary / Carol Brunner Rutledge.

Farming the dust bowl: a first-hand account from Kansas / Lawrence Svobida.


Pure prairie: farm fresh and wildly delicious foods from the prairie / by Judith Fertig.


Prairie traveler: a hand-book for overland expeditions. With maps, illustrations, and itineraries of the principal routes between the Mississippi and the Pacific / by Randolph B. Marcy.

Select Books




Prairie People