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MLANG 280 - Studies in World Lit/Culture - Top/War & Memory 20th Century Europe

Class library research guide for Studies in World Literature & Culture.

Library Research Guide

Finding ebooks in Search It

Even though many of our physical books are not accessible at the moment, we do have access to ebooks. Your librarian can help you locate appropriate titles. Here are a couple of methods you can try yourself.

Search It

We know Google is just about everybody's go-to search tool. However if you are looking for ebooks, consider using Search It, the search box on the Libraries' home page. For example, you might like to search for encyclopedias, which are a good resource for a subject overview and usually offer high quality summaries.

Other common terms for books like encyclopedias include:

  • handbook
  • companion
  • guide


Limit Your Results to Ebooks

Search It will retrieve records for items including journal articles, print books, and ebooks. Limit your results using the filters on the left side of the results page. In particular:

  • Full Text Online (under the "Show Only" heading)
  • Books (under the "Resource Type" heading - you may need to click "Show more" to see the Books option)


In addition to the terms encyclopedia or companion, add words or phrases that describe the time period or historical event you are researching. For this class, those may include but are not limited to:

  • Holocaust
  • World War, 1939-1945
  • World War II
  • Nazi

You may also search for terms that more specifically describe the event, people, or location that you are researching.

Below are examples of some ebooks that are encyclopedias and may be relevant to your research for this class.

Finding ebooks in Databases

eBooks Tag

We have tagged our database subscriptions that contain ebooks. You can find them all on our databases page by selecting the "eBooks" tag. 

ebook in All Tags drop down


Recommended Resources

These options are limited to current K-State students, faculty, and staff and require signing in with a K-State eID and password.

Note: Project Muse will also include journal articles and may link to materials that are part of the database, but we don't subscribe to. For those titles, you can request a copy from Interlibrary Loan. OR, click the option to limit what you find to: Only content I have access to.

Learn more about ebooks from K-State Libraries.

Finding Journal Articles in Search It

Search for and locate journal articles through K-State Libraries' Search It.
Enter keywords related to your topic in the search box.
Search It indicates when the full text of an article is available online and when a paper copy of the article is available in the Libraries.
If the article is not available online or in print, request articles through Interlibrary Loan


1. Select the tab "Books, articles + more". Enter keywords related to topic in the Search It search box.

Search It screen displaying keyword search for articles

2. Search results will include books, journal articles, and more.

Screenshot of Search It results showing books articles and other sources.

3. Click on "Peer-reviewed journals" to limit results to journal articles, specifically from journals with articles reviewed by other scholars prior to publishing.

Search It screen featuring link to Peer reviewed journals

4. If the full text of the article is available online, Search It will indicate that with a green dot. Click on View It to link to the full text.

Search It screen showing links to full text of articles

5. Search It displays a grey button when the full text of an article is not online.

  • Click on Check for physical copy to learn if the library has the journal on the shelf.
  • Use the publication date and/or volume from the article citation to determine if the library has the correct volume in print.
  • The stacks guide shows where a call number is shelved.

Search It screen displaying information when journal is available in print in the library

6. When an article is not available online or in print from the Libraries, request a copy using Interlibrary Loan

  • A grey button indicates the full text is not available online.

Searching for Articles in History Databases

K-State Libraries subscribes to over 300 databases on many subjects. You will find the most relevant information by searching in our history databases. Most of the articles and sources you find in these databases will be academic or scholarly sources written for students or faculty studying a topic. However, some of the databases do include articles written for readers who are not experts on a topic. 

Try multiple searches in the databases. You can be as specific as a particular concentration/internment camp, like Drancy, or try broader searches, like Holocaust and France.