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Hale Library

Where can you find books in Hale? Use Search It to look up books in our collection.

Search It will tell you if we own a copy of the book.

  • Ebooks will have a link to view online
  • Physical book will have call number that serves as kind of the address for the book, and an option to "Map it" and see a map of Hale Library with your book location marked on the map. 

Screen shot of a record in Search It showing a book's call number and the map it icon.

Use these maps of Hale to help find your way. 

Main Collection locations by call number:

  • A - DS 56 Stack A (1st floor)
  • DS 57 - HB 520 Stack B (between 1st and 2nd floor)
  • HB 521 - JV Stack C (2nd floor)
  • JX – L Stack D (between 2nd and 3rd floor)
  • M-N (Music & Art Collection) 3rd Floor
  • P- PN 4887 Stack D (between 2nd and 3rd floor)
  • PN 4888 - PR Stack E (3rd floor)
  • PS - PZ Stack F (between 3rd and 4th floor)
  • Q – ZA  4th Floor

Other Collections

Some of our collections are in special locations; below are areas that may be of interest to those studying and researching English.

  • Current Periodicals Room 240 (West)
  • Curriculum Materials Collection (CMC) Room 140 (West), aka Carlson Reading Room
  • DOW Center Reference Room 240 (East)
  • Juvenile Literature Collection (Juv Lit) Room 140 (East), aka Carlson Reading Room
  • Media Collection - DVDs 3rd Floor (East)
  • Media Collection Oversize 3rd Floor (East)
  • Reference Collection 3rd Floor (East)

Annex, Weigel Architecture Library, Math/Physics Library, Veterinary Medical Library

Some of our materials are housed in other locations or libraries at K-State. Depending on the location, you may pull the book from the shelf yourself, or use the links in Search It to request the item:

  • Annex Offsite--Sign in to place a request for retrieval.
    • The Annex is a building for storage off campus. It is not open for browsing.
  • K-State Salina Library -- pull from the shelf or sign in to place a request for retrieval.
    • This library is located on the Salina campus.
  • Math/Physics Library Stacks -- pull from the shelf or sign in to place a request for retrieval.
  • Paul Weigel Library of Architecture, Planning & Design Stacks -- pull from the shelf or sign in to place a request for retrieval.
    • Weigel Library is located on the ground floor of Regnier Hall on the Manhattan campus.
  • Veterinary Medical Library Stacks -- sign in to place a request for retrieval.
    • The VetMed Library is located in Trotter Hall on the Manhattan campus.

Special Collections and University Archives

Special Collections and University Archives is located on the 5th floor of Hale Library.

You may be able to access the materials. Send an email to check on availability and/or schedule an appointment:

Searching for Books

Use Search It, the search box on the Libraries home page, to find books on your topics that can provide historical and cultural context—or just provide you with a new perspective.

Below you can see a screenshot of the Advanced Search screen in Search It. Advanced Search can be helpful because it offers you more control and specificity when you search.

There are a number of ways you can search for books, such as by title or author if you know it, but sometimes you need to search for a specific topic. For that, I recommend using Library of Congress Subject Headings.


Finding Relevant Subject Headings

How do you figure out a subject heading?

Subject headings tell you what a book is about using a classification system or abels - these labels are applied by cataloging librarians to books that are about the same subject. Finding a relevant subject heading can connect you to lots of materials on your topic.

One way to find subject headings is to start with a keyword search (the important terms or phrases you are using to describe your topic)  and look at any book that seems relevant (whether or not you intend to read it). When you look at the full details for a book, you'll see the word Subjects followed by one or two (or more!) subject headings. Click on one, and you'll be taken to a list of additional resources with the same subject heading. 

Finding subject headings using Search It

Other Book Resources

Use the Search It box on the Libraries' home page to find books and other materials owned by K-State Libraries.