POLSC 401 - Model United Nations

A guide for Carla Martinez-Machain's Fall 2017 section of POLSC 401.

Library Research Guide

Search It

Tips for using Search It to find information about United Nations' resolutions.

1. Enter "United Nations" as a subject term. Use asterisks to search for word variants. In the example below, resolution* will search for any word beginning with the letters resolution. Thus it will match resolution or resolutions. 

Search It search for united nations resolutions

2. If you are researching a specific resolution add the number of the resolution.

Search It search for u.n. resolution 2117


3. When you view a results list, you can filter by topic, resource type, date, and other criteria. Topic and date filters are particularly useful.


LexisNexis Academic

Tips for using LexisNexis Academic to find information about United Nations' resolutions.

1.  Click the Search by Subject or Topic button and choose all news.

LexisNexis Academic homescreen showing location of select topic button

2. Click the Advanced Options button.

Advanced options button in LexisNexis Academic

3. Set a date limit and enter your search in the form of SUBJECT(term) AND keyword AND keyword etc. Notice that you should use quotation marks to specify phrases. Also notice that asterisks work in this database too (as they do in almost all databases).

LexisNexis' Academic's advanced options screen

Google Books

Tips for using Google Books to find information about United Nations' resolutions.

1.  Search for the name of the resolution, or the terms united nations resolution and then the resolution number.

2.  Narrow by date.

a. Select Search tools.

b. Select any time and then click custom range.

c. Enter a date range and click Go.

3. If you wish, add additional terms to the search to narrow the results.

4. Use OR between terms to search for either of the two terms. This will broaden your search.

See Google Books screenshots on the Country Information page of this guide for a visual of these steps.