Music resources available through K-State Libraries

Library Research Guide

Finding Scores

Note: With the exception of course reserves and current periodicals, all the physical materials that were housed in Hale Library at the time of the fire (4 pm on May 22) are not available. Over 1.5 million items are being inventoried and removed from the building for cleaning, and will not be available for the 2018-2019 school year. You may request these materials via Interlibrary Loan.

The K-State Libraries Music Collections include music scores (also called sheet music) for performance and study. Scores have M call numbers in our library. To find scores in the library use Search It. For online scores the International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) is an great resource for free public domain music.

Search It Filter for Music Scores

Resource Type

Each filter will show the top 5 options ordered by the number of results available for that type. If you have started with a general search, your results set may be large. Sometimes you will need to click the "More options" link to see and filter by "Scores."

More options link located at end of Resource Type filter More resource types offers extensive checkbox list.

Another music search tip:
"Audio Visual" will filter for CDs, vinyl records, video tapes, and DVDs.

Filter Locations

Filters Before You Search

In the simple search interface, you can filter for Scores up front, but you may have to be more search savvy to create a string that gets good results.

  1. Click the tab for K-State Libraries only.
  2. Enter the composer name, then the word "AND", followed by part or all of the title in quotation marks.
  3. Under the text box, change the drop down from "All items" to "Scores."
  4. Click the Search button.

Simple search has drop down for material type below the search box.

Filters After You Searched

Filter options show on the left once you have some initial results. The Resource Type filter is located there and you can use it to select only scores. If you are using the advanced search interface, you will need this option.

You can also sort results by author, by title, by date, or by popularity. 

Location of categories on the search results screen of Search It

Handy Icons

A variety of icons appear next to each result. They offer a quick view of the type of item presented. If you see extraneous icons in your results list, take another look at your filters.

Various format icons that appear in Search ItResource type image and text label is left side of each item.