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Albums (Vinyl Records) and Compact Discs (CDs)

album on shelf

Albums (Vinyl Records)

Albums are on the shelves.

The album Jesus Christ Superstar was published in 1970 by the label Decca. The call number looks like this:


  • PHONODISC is another word for album
  • Decca is the publisher
  • DXSA 7206 is the call number
CD in cabinet

Compact Disks (CDs)

CDs are inside the cabinets.

The CD Jesus Christ Superstar was published in 1993 by the label MCA. The call number looks like this:


  • COMPACT DISK is the full word for CD
  • MCA is the publisher
  • MCAD1-11542 is the call number

In Hale Library

Location Filter

If you know you want CD's or albums owned by K-State Libraries, you might like to filter by location. LP stands for "long playing". It is another word for album.

Location filter options include Music CDs and LPs

Find One on the Shelf

Close up view of album cover spinesBoth albums and CDs are shelved in order by the label publisher – not the band name.

For example, there are many compilation CDs for jazz musician Charlie Parker. They are published by Verve, Uptown, Atlantic, and others. They are not side-by-side in the cabinets.

You may find call numbers on their spine, but they are very small and sometime wear off. There will also be a sticker on the face of the album or CD.

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