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Citing Resources

Citations and Bibliographies - This page provides excellent guidance for citing resources using APA, Chicago, MLA, and other styles.

This APA blog post provides insights into the basics of citing music scores in APA format. Note that APA is the style most often used in Music Education, while scholars of Music History tend to use Chicago or Turabian style.

RefWorks - RefWorks is an excellent way to manage your citations, allowing you to create folders and save citations for every project, paper, or topic you may be exploring. RefWorks will insert citations (parenthetical, footnotes or end notes) into papers as you write and automatically generates bibliographies. Additionally, RefWorks will do all this in any citation style (Chicago, Turabian, APA and many others). To get started with RefWorks you can contact your Music Librarian or get started now with this excellent online tutorial.