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Search It is a tool that you can use to search across the library collection. 

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Library of Congress Call Numbers

Each book in our libraries has a Library of Congress Call Number, which identifies its main subject. The call number is also used to place books in order on our shelves.

This system separates all knowledge into 21 classes, each beginning with a separate letter. Each category has subcategories (e.g., BF or BX) and each subcategory is further divided using numbers (e.g., BF1022 or BF 8755). For more information about this organizational system, see the Library of Congress Classification Outline

A: General Reference Works

B: Philosophy and Religion

C: Auxiliary Science of History

D - F: History

G: Geography, Anthropology, Folklore

H: Social Sciences

J: Political Science

K: Law

L: Education

M: Music

N: Fine Arts

P: Languages and Literature

Q: Sciences

R: Medicine

S: Agriculture

T: Technology

U: Military Science

V: Naval Science

Z: Bibliography, Library Science, Information Resources (General)

How Books Are Organized in Hale Library

Most of the books in Hale Library are part of a collection called the Main Collection. This collection is divided among many floors as follows:

A - DS 57

Stack A

DS 58 - HB 520

Stack B

HB 521 - JV

Stack C

JX - L

Stack D

M - N (Music & Art Collection)

3rd Floor

P - PN 4887

Stack D

PN 4888 - PR

Stack E


Stack F

Q - Z

4th Floor

Consult Hale Library's Floor Maps to learn where to go within the building.