How to find and use E-books at Kansas State University Libraries.

Library Research Guide

What is an E-book?

An e-book is a book publication that is available in an electronic format that can be read on a computer or electronic device.  The most common file formats for e-books are PDF, ePub, and Kindle. You may need to download additional software or apps in order to open an e-book file.

Where Can I Find K-State Libraries' E-books?

Use Search It, K-State Libraries' discovery tool, to discover e-books. All queries in Search It's Books + articles + more  and K-State Libraries Only tabs automatically include relevant e-book results.

For more information about locating and accessing e-books, please view the Searching for E-books page.

Other E-book Resources

E-books for Kansas Residents

Manhattan Public Library E-books

Many websites have e-books available to preview, purchase, or download for free


Limitations on E-book Usage

Each of K-State Libraries' e-book databases has different viewing, printing, and downloading restrictions. The most popular e-book databases are listed below. Click on the name of the database to view more information about using e-books.

Database Print & Download
Ebook Central
  • Printing is limited to 30% of each book
  • Copying is limited to 15% of each book
  • To download, install Adobe Digital Editions
EBSCO Ebook Collection
  • Save the PDF and print a maximum of 60 pages
  • You cannot download a full book  - limit your download or prints to 20% of a book 
O’Reilly for Higher Education
(formerly Safari)
  • Unlimited access
  • The O'Reilly app does not support printing
Sage Research Methods
  • Each chapter can be accessed separately in PDF format
  • Download and print chapters 
  • No downloading or printing limitations
  • Easy to navigate between journal articles and e-book chapters
  • Download chapters or an entire book in PDF format
  • No limits on printing and saving
  • Install Adobe Digital Editions to download ePub formats