How to find and use E-books at Kansas State University Libraries.

Library Research Guide

Search It

A search in Search It includes e-book results. To narrow your search results to only include e-books, follow these steps:

  1. Perform a search in Search It
  2. Click on Books, which is located under Resource Type on the left side of the results page

The Books limiter is located under Resource Type on the left side of the results page

  1. Click on Full Text Online

The full text online limiter is the second option above the search results.

  1. To access an e-book, use the View Online box. In the window, click the database link. This link will take you to the e-book

View It

Browse Databases

You can browse databases that provide access to e-books in K-State Libraries' Databases Directory. Limit your database results by selecting the eBooks tag.

The fourth option on the center drop down menu is ebooks.