RefWorks Transition Guide

Learn about alternate citation management tools like Zotero, Mendley, and EndNote. Then follow step-by-step directions to migrate your citations out of RefWorks to your new citation manager.

Library Research Guide

Consider Using EndNote if...

 Consider using Endnote if...

 Consider using EndNote Basic (Online) if... 

 ... you already have a copy of the software or you are working on research with faculty who prefer EndNote

 ... you are new to research

 ... you use one personal computer for all of your research

 ... you plan to do very limited research, primarily for school assignments                                                     

 ... you plan to work on a systematic review of the literature

 ... you would like to use an online tool with LIMITED features (ex. EndNote Basic does not allow users to share references)

 Visit the EndNote homepage

 Start using EndNote Basic (it is not necessary to sign up for 30-day trial)

Getting Started with EndNote Basic

Clicking Show Getting Started Guide for basic help resourcesAfter logging into your account, click the "Show Getting Started Guide" link for an introduction to using EndNote Basic.

Getting Started with EndNote