Resources for Water Advocates

Guide for high school students researching to educate citizens of Kansas about water issues and conservation practices.

Library Research Guide

The Advocate's Strategy

As an advocate you pay attention to your audience. You consider the language of your message and you place selected information in a specific context. You are making decisions based on how you want people to feel and act. Websites serve many purposes: advertising, informing, and entertaining. Websites and content may be also created to make you feel or act a certain way. Information may be incorrect, biased, or dated. It's a good idea to evaluate websites before getting too involved.

The following guidelines can help you decide if a website is a good choice for a source for your research. 

  • Currency: A useful site is updated regularly and lets visitors know when content was published on the site. Can you tell when the site was last updated? Can you see when the content you need was added? Does the site show signs of not being maintained (broken links, out-of-date information, etc.)?  
  • Relevance: Think about the target audience for the site. Is it appropriate for you or your paper's audience?
  • Authority: Look for an About Us link or something similar to learn about the site's creator. The more you know about the credentials and mission of a site's creators, as well as their sources of information, the better idea you will have about the site's quality.
  • Accuracy: Does the site present references or links to the sources of information it presents? Can you locate these sources so that you can read and interpret the information yourself?
  • Purpose: Consider the reason why the site was created. Can you detect any bias? Does the site use emotional language? Is the site trying to persuade you about something?

Advocacy and Education

Kansas State Research and Extension (KSRE)

Part of KSRE's vision is to deliver educational programs and technical information. You can find their publications in the KSRE Bookstore. Check out the selected publications below (and on the homepage of this guide) or click the image below to visit the bookstore.

Screenshot of KSRE Bookstore steps to get relevant material (1) Environment and Natural Resources and (2) Choose Subtopic

Local and National Advocacy and Education Materials

Policy and Law

Kansas Department of Agriculture

Research and Data

Kansas Department of Agriculture

Environmental Protection Agency

United States Geological Survey

These links are all to the USGS website so you will find the same information on different pages.

United States Department of Agriculture