Resources for Water Advocates

Guide for high school students researching to educate citizens of Kansas about water issues and conservation practices.

Library Research Guide

The Advocate's Strategy

The tools here can help you share information with decision makers as well as fellow advocates (classmates, younger students, citizens, etc). Consider the most effective mode of communication for your intended audience then thoughtfully design your points in an appropriate format. By now you should know enough to edit some Wikipedia articles. Be selective in what you choose to share and be careful not to overwhelm or distract your readers or listeners with unnecessary content.

Most of these resources are free to use (others are free to try).

Poster Templates for PPT

If you are invited to do a poster or one slide presentation, these sites provide examples of templates that can help you get started.

Digital Publishing

Digital publishing is putting information together to be "read" (or watched or listened to) on an electronic device. If you want to share multi-media content like audio, video, images, and/or text, these tools are more dynamic than PowerPoint and easier than building a website from scratch.

They don't exactly serve the same purpose but we have listed them in order of easiest to use.