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Modern Languages

This guide provides resources for students and faculty conducting research in Modern Languages, including, but not limited to: Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Russian, and Spanish.

Library Research Guide

Start Here

Whether researching an aspect of today's popular culture in the U.S., kinship in France, or social upheavals in nineteenth century Argentina, start your search in the database ProQuest Research Library. It covers publications ranging from popular titles like:

  • Daily Beast
  • Variety
  • New Yorker
  • Jet
  • Outdoor Life

to academic/scholarly titles like:

  • Economist
  • Journal of Leisure Research
  • Asian Ethnology

Cultures & Identities: Academic Sources

These databases explore cultures and identities. All include academic materials, particularly journal articles, but you may find popular or community publications too.

Cultural Expression: Images & Sound

Theses databases provide music samples and images illustrating cultural expression from around the world.

Cultural Expression: Journal Articles

These databases provide primarily academic resources discussing how cultures express themselves.

Historical Context: Journal Articles

Need to place a work in historical context? Try these two databases. America: History and Life covers U.S. and Canadian history. Historical Abstracts covers the rest of the world.

Both databases have an Advanced Search feature that will let you limit your search to a time frame in history.

HIstorical Newspapers

Browse historical newspapers to research an historic event or gain cultural context.

Library Databases

Free Internet Sources

Primary Sources

Sources that provide historical context include: photographs, newsreels, newspaper articles, maps, and music.

Primary sources date from the same time period or were written/created about an event by someone who experienced or witnessed it.  

Primary sources may be found in databases, archives, museums, digital collections, books, personal collections (photo albums, attics, filing cabinets)

Free Internet Collections:

Many archives and museums are digitizing items in their collections to make them more widely available online. Their websites may include digital archives or digital collections. 

Some significant websites exist to centrally collect and disseminate primary source materials. These include:

Library Databases:

K-State Libraries subscribe to a number of primary source databases.  These include: