ARE/CNS 100 - Architectural Engineering & Construction Science Orientation

This guide is for students enrolled in ARE or CNS 100 and suggests library resources and tools that might be helpful.

Library Research Guide

What is Grey Literature?

Grey Literature (also spelled Gray Literature) is literature that is not available through the usual bibliographic sources such as databases or indexes.  It can be both in print and, increasingly, electronic formats. Grey literature is produced by government agencies, universities, corporations, research centers, associations and societies, and professional organizations.  Here are some examples of material that can be considered grey literature.

Fact Sheets Government Documents Committee Reports Newsletters
Standards Technical Documentation Bulletins White papers
Patents Technical Reports Symposia Working papers
Business documents Conference proceedings Pre-prints Unpublished works

What Websites Contain Government Based Grey Literature?

SciTech Connect provides the science, technology, and engineering research information from the U.S. Department of Energy

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory  provides access to JPL authored, externally published papers and reprints

DTIC Technical Reports  is the repository for research and engineering information for the U.S. Department of Defense

NASA Technical Reports Server contains technical reports from NASA and NACA

TRAIL (Technical Reports Archive and Image Library) provides historic technical reports from a number of federal agencies