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AGCOM 110 - Introduction to Agricultural Communications

A guide for students working on stakeholder/organization profiles

Library Research Guide

Company Dossier

The database LexisNexis Academic includes Company Dossier, which provides full-text access to financial reports and news about companies. 

Accessing Company Dossier:

1. Click the Get Company Info button.

LexisNexis Academic's home page

2. Click the Company Dossier link.

Expansion of the Get Company Info tab

Example Profile

Below is a screenshot of the profile for Cargill.

The section titled "In The News" is especially useful for researching stakeholder position. 

Screenshot of Cargill's profile in Company Dossier in LexisNexis Academic

Advanced Search

Accessing the Advanced Search Interface.

1. Enter LexisNexis Academic.

2. Click the Advanced Options link. 

Advanced Options link on LexisNexis Academic's homepage

Search Tips:

  • Remove the check-marks from all the boxes except the Newspapers box.
  • Change the drop-down from "select a segment" to "HLEAD". By doing so, you are searching only the headline and the lead paragraphs.
  • Build your search inside the parentheses. 
    • Use an asterisk as a wildcard. For example, pesticid* will match pesticide, pesticides, pesticidal and any other word that begins with the letters pesticid.
    • Use OR to broaden your search. For example, water OR groundwater.
    • Use additional parentheses to control the order of searching - things in parentheses happen first. For example, HLEAD (pesticid* AND (water OR groundwater)) = EITHER word water or groundwater; PLUS pesticid*
  • After you perform a search, use the "Search within results" box to narrow your results.