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AGCOM 110 - Introduction to Agricultural Communications

A guide for students working on stakeholder/organization profiles

Library Research Guide


Google can be a good place to find information about companies or organizations. Often you will find "about us" pages, press releases, or links to annual reports. Remember that it is important to evaluate the sources that you find to be sure they are accurate and reliable. See Evaluating Sources page on the left to learn how.

Google Search Tips

Search syntax:

  • Search for important keywords rather than typing an entire sentence or question.
  • Use quotation marks to search for a specific phrase, e.g., "groundwater contamination".
  • Use OR to broaden a search, e.g., pesticides OR herbicides.
  • Use site: to limit to a specific website. For example: pesticides
  • Use site: to limit to a specific domain such as edu, gov, net, com, org. For example, pesticides OR herbicides site:gov.
  • Use Verbatim search to limit your results to pages that have your exact terms.

Accessing Google's Verbatim search

Suggestions for researching organizations or businesses:

  • Think of variant names for the organization and link the variants with OR. For example, Kansas dept OR department ag OR agriculture
  • Think of what terms would be used on a page that would be of interest to you. Search for those terms. For example, if you are looking for position statements, you might search for the terms position OR belief OR response