Community Development

A subject guide to support research in the field of Community Development.

Library Research Guide

Database Subscriptions

Academic libraries subscribe to databases to provide access to scholarly, trustworthy publications. Although many libraries subscribe to the same databases, specific database subscriptions can vary by library system, depending on the research and teaching strengths of that institution.

Each of the boxes below include multiple tabs, each with a set of recommended databases for research in topics related to community development. These lists are intended as a starting point. Additional database subscriptions can be accessed on the K-State Libraries Databases page.

If you are also a student at a Great Plains IDEA partner institution, your home library might offer additional subscriptions.

Built Environment

Each of these resources address different aspects of architecture and design. Art Full Text is especially helpful with issues related to contemporary design. The Avery Index is a core publication for all fields connected to architecture, planning and design. The OAO is a key reference resource for topics in design, especially useful for research in design history.

Each of these databases includes detailed information relevant to building materials.

These resources support research related to community planning.

Community & Natural Systems

These database subscriptions can help you to find economics literature including journal articles, books, book reviews, working papers and dissertations.

These resources span topics on U.S. and international history. See also our complete list of database subscriptions categorized under History as well as database titles tagged with Newspapers.

These resources address the relationships between the natural and built environment. See also our complete list of database subscriptions tagged with Sustainability.

This list is comprised of selections from our database subscriptions listed under Sociology and Political Science.

General Topics

This list includes general databases, each of which covers a broad range of topics. Of our library database subscriptions, Academic Search Premier and ProQuest Research Library are the most interdisciplinary in scope, with JSTOR focused more on topics in the Arts & Humanities, and Web of Science weighted more heavily to the sciences and social sciences. Google Scholar is another excellent tool for discovery and utilizing the link from our Libraries' page will enable you to use the Get It button in your search, to connect by to K-State Libraries holdings.

These resources include quick reference titles. Regarding Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory, see the 'Using Ulrich's' box at the bottom of this page for more information.

Each of these titles support research methods.

Using Ulrich's

Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory provides information about more than 210,000 journals. If you are unsure if an article you found is scholarly or whether it has been through the peer review process, Ulrich's is a great place to look up the title of the journal to find out more information.

Titles that are peer-reviewed are indicated by the black and white referee's jersey ("refereed" is another term for peer-reviewed). Note that there may be some parts of the journal (e.g. letters to the editor, book reviews, etc.) that are not peer- reviewed.


Screenshot of Ulrich's International Periodicals Directory highlighting referees jersey as icon denoting peer-reviewed souce