GEOG 495 - Capstone Seminar in Geography

This guide provides information about databases and journals to aid students enrolled in GEOG 495 locate relevant research materials.

Library Research Guide


Screenshot: Scopus homepage

Search by Topic

  1. Use one row for each main concept in your topic. 
    1. Use OR to add synonyms related to the concept.
    2. Use an asterisk to find words with variant endings.
    3. Use braces { } to search for exact phrases.
  2. Click search, examine the results, and note terms of interest.
  3. Click edit to add the terms you have noted.

Example: If your topic is on sediment and water quality of a local lake, dedicate one row to "water quality," one to "sediment," one to "lake," and one to the region of interest. Adding closely related terms and using asterisks, you might come up with a search like this:

Scopus search example with a row for each term: water quality (in brackets); AND sediment OR residue OR accumulation; AND lake*; AND Kansas