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A guide to philosophy resources at KSU

Library Research Guide

Scholarly Conversations

Click the image below for a short, interactive lesson on engaging in scholarly conversations.

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Using Ulrich's

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Student Publishing

Congratulations! You've written a research paper, and it's quite good - in fact, you want to get it published. How do you get started?

  • Talk to a faculty member in your field - they can often point you to great journals for your research
  • Research topics similar to what you have written about and see where those articles are published. Look at your reference list - what journals did you cite? You might consider publishing in these. Consider publishing outside your discipline. For example, if you have done research on the business ethics, look at both economics and philosophy journals.
  • Once you have some titles in mind, find the website for those journals. Take a look at their mission/vision to find out what topics or methodologies they typically publish on. Some journals only publish empirical research, others case studies, etc. 
  • Most journals have author submission directions or a portal where you can create an account and submit your article. You should never submit your work to more than one journal concurrently, or submit an article already published. 

A note to undergraduate students: Academic journals often won't publish undergraduate work. However, undergraduates producing research papers should consider looking into publishing at K-State. Two options for publishing at the undergraduate level are Crossing Borders and Live Ideas