HDFS 585 & HDFS 590 - Professional Seminar/Professional Capstone in HDFS

A resource for students in HDFS 585 & 590, and starting their professional careers

Library Research Guide


Books on shelves at Kansas State University Libraries. Link leads to larger view of same image.

Welcome to the HDFS 585 and HDFS 590 Class Guide. This guide is designed to help you navigate various aspects of scholarly research. Regardless of your job after graduation, these skills will help you become a more efficient critical thinker and researcher in the real world.

Librarians and staff are available by email or chat to answer research questions or to provide help with using online resources. For research and general questions, use our Research Help, or email me (clogan@ksu.edu) for help.  (We'll even answer your questions after you graduate.)

Navigating this Course Guide

The materials on this guide are divided into these categories: 

  • Overview of the research process

  • Search tips 

  • Evaluating sources

  • What are scholarly and peer reviewed articles

  • What's available to you before graduation

  • What's available to you after graduation

  • Using material ethically and citing

Use the tabs in the upper left box to navigate through this guide.