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Search It

Find out about our newest research tool: Search It


Search It helps you discover and obtain articles, books, ebooks, music, reports, videos, and many others types of sources. It enables simultaneous searching of information about K-State Libraries' physical and online collections and about articles and other sources from hundreds of databases, journal publishers, and organizations. As such it is an invaluable research tool for novices and experts alike. This guide will teach you how to use Search It to find information and resources.

To take full advantage of Search It, you will need to login. See the My Account section of this guide for more information.

If you have any questions about Search It or about this guide, do not hesitate to Ask a Librarian.

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What Does Search It Include?

Search It has information about hundreds of millions of resources, some of which K-State Libraries own or subscribe to, and some of which we do not own or subscribe to. These resources include:

archives dissertations music scores
articles ebooks patents
book chapters government documents reports
books images special collections
conference proceedings K-State research theses
data sets maps video recordings
digital collections music recordings  

Where Does Search It's Information Come From?

The information in Search It comes from K-State Libraries and Ex Libris' Primo Central.

K-State Libraries provide information about the physical items they own, their online subscriptions, and some of the digital collections they have created.

Ex Libris' Primo Central is an enormous index of content provided by publishers of books, databases, data sets, ebooks, journals, magazines, newspapers, patents, reports and more. The Search It Index provides a list of the databases and publishers that provide information to Search It.