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This is a research guide for Aviation Students attending K-State Salina

Library Research Guide

Welcome to Aviation

This Research Guide will help you navigate key aviation-centric resources for academic and trade research projects and papers.
Please use the menu at left to navigate through the guide. This is a general guide for all aviation courses with the designation Aviation Technology (AVT) OR Professional Pilot (PPIL).  If you are looking for articles and information related to the aerospace industry including major manufacturers, government sources, and industry information, use the Articles and Databases tab on the menu at left 

If you need any assistance navigating through the guide, or if you have any research questions, please feel free to contact your Salina librarian, Ruth Mirtz, at mirtz@ksu.edu.

Below you will find a brief introductory video on flight, produced by the K-State Salina College of Aviation and Technology.