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Fashion Business

This guide supports course work and research on the business of apparel and fashion.

Library Research Guide

Industry Reports

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Industry reports typically present an overview of industry trends in an easy to digest format. Reports often cover industry performance; major companies; products and markets; and the external forces, such as technological factors, environmental forces, and legal and regulatory factors, that affect an industry.

Researchers may find that reports cover a broad range of business activities. For example, a researcher who is interested in companies that sell custom athleisure apparel for women in inclusive sizes may find that reports focus on a broader range of products and services—women's clothing stores or sporting goods stores. Reports are still an excellent source of current information on the factors and forces shaping an industry.

Industry Statistics

Five Forces Analysis

The Five Forces is a framework, developed by Michael Porter, for analyzing the forces that shape an industry. Students at K-State have access to Five Forces Analyses through MarketLine.