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Library Research Guide

Public Libraries

Public libraries in the U.S. care for their community, from cradle to grave, and that can include access to databases that you thought were lost to you outside of K-State. To get started, visit your local public library's website and

  • Look for online resources or databases
  • Apply for a card and access the databases

If you live in a small community or a low-income community, look at the public library for your county seat or the biggest town near you. Some public libraries serve multiple counties or towns so look for information on their site to learn who is eligible for a library card.

Some services your public library may offer:

  • Audio books and magazines, braille books and magazines
  • Librarians who can answer questions about your research or what books you might enjoy
  • Interlibrary loan - borrowing books or journal articles for you from another library. There may be limits on the number of requests you can make or a fee to cover costs, such as postage.
  • Video games, tools, baking equipment, and other items for checkout
  • Makerspaces and meeting rooms

State Libraries

Many states in the U.S. have a state library or statewide library system that supports all public libraries in the state and/or all citizens of the state. This can include offering access to databases and other information resources.

To find a state library, search for [insert state name] state library site:gov

Public Research Libraries

Yes, there are research libraries in the U.S. and other countries that are public! You may need to apply for a reader's card.

A sample of research libraries includes:

Federal or National Libraries

The U.S. and many other countries have one or more libraries at the national level. Some national libraries have digital collections which are online and open to the public.

You may find that some of your favorite databases come from these libraries: