Agricultural Economics (Undergraduate)

A guide for K-State undergradtuate students in agricultural economics or agribusiness classes

Library Research Guide

Industry Reports (Also Called Industry Profiles)

K-State Libraries’ subscriptions include industry/market research reports published by First Research, IBISWorld, MarketLine, Mintel, and Statista.

Industry reports provide overviews of industry trends, industry revenue, and revenue projections in an easy to digest format. Though reports may cover an industry that is broader than the market you are researching (for example, Sporting Goods Stores instead of Bicycle Shops), they are still useful for understanding the competitive forces that may impact a business. 

IBIWorld Industry Reports

Looking for industry information? Start with IBISWorld.

MarketLine Industry Profiles

Find MarketLine Industry Profiles in Business Source Premier.

  1. Enter MarketLine (one word) in the Ti Title field.
  2. Enter United States in the GE Geographic Terms. MarketLine also covers other countries.
  3. Enter the search terms for your industry in the TX All Text field. 
  4. After running the search, use menu on left to limit by source type (industry profile) and date (last few years).

Tips for finding MarketLine Industry Profiles in Business Source Premier.

Business Sources Premier advanced search page that illustrates search for MarketLine industry profiles. MarketLine is entered in the in title field, country of interest (the United States) is in the geographic terms field, and snack food (the industry terms) are in the all text field.


Business Sources Premier search results page that illustrates search for MarketLine industry profiles. Using the menu on the left, the search results have been limited by publication date (the most recent 3 years) and by source type (industry profiles).


First Research Industry Reports

Fitch Industry Reports

Finding a Report That Matches Your Industry

Reports available through the library usually cover an industry broadly though researchers are often interested in a specific product or service. Even if a specific product or service is not covered, industry reports are still useful for understanding the environment and competitive forces that impact companies in the industry group.

Screen shot showing that there are two First Research industry reports, Pet Food Manufacturing and Pet & Pet Supplies Stores.

Understanding how industries are classified will help you find a report that matches your industry. 

When the federal government collects data about economic activity, companies are grouped into industries using NAICS (the North American Classification System). Government data is the foundation for industry research reports, so they often follow a similar classification scheme. 

Screenshot of the NAICS (North American Industry Classification System) search page on the US Census website.


Screenshot of the beginning of the NAICS code for Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting. Larger industries like soybean farming may have their own classification code and industry report..

Screenshot of additional NAICS codes that show the "all other" crop farming code grouping where smaller industries like hops farming fall.

Industry research reports are often classified based on NAICS.

Screenshot of IBISWorld reports for Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing, and Hunting that mirrors classified using NAICS

Industry Financial Ratios

Screenshot of industry financial ratios page on key statistics page of IBISWorld report

Proprietary Research Reports (Available for Purchase Only)

The library does not provide access to reports from sources such as Allied Market Research, Mordor Intelligence, or Due to licensing restrictions, industry and market research reports are not available through interlibrary loan.