Military Science and Reserve Officers' Training Corps

A guide for Military Science research and resources

Library Research Guide


This page holds information primarily for our students and scholars studying Military Science. In addition to library resources, this guide also highlights service centers dedicated to all of our military connected students, whether active duty, veterans, or family members.



These links lead to other subject specific database collections with connections to different aspects of Military Science.

Collection Highlights

U and V call numbers are used for military and naval science - these materials are housed on the fourth floor:

U Military science (General)

  • UA Armies: Organization, distribution, military situation
  • UB Military administration
  • UC Maintenance and transportation
  • UD Infantry
  • UE Cavalry. Armor
  • UF Artillery
  • UG Military engineering. Air forces
  • UH Other services

V Naval science (General)

  • VA Navies: Organization, distribution, naval situation
  • VB Naval administration
  • VC Naval maintenance
  • VD Naval seamen
  • VE Marines 
  • VF Naval ordnance 
  • VG Minor services of navies
  • VK Navigation. Merchant marine
  • VM Naval architecture. Shipbuilding. Marine engineering

Fourth Floor Map

This map shows the fourth floor layout, with the red box indicating approximate ranges for U and V call numbers.


Common Access Card (CaC) Readers

Common Access Cards (CaC) are chip-enabled identification cards for active-duty military, Guard and Reserve members, and Department of Defense employees which provide access to select computer networks and systems when used on enabled computer terminals.

Student requiring access to sensitive information may use check out one of our Common Access Card (CaC) readers from the Hale Library Help Desk on the 2nd floor. These devices for reading military smartcards are also available from in the K-State Military Affiliated Resource Center - Student Union Room 217. These readers require specific software, and the Libraries recommend bringing your own device for this work.




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