ID 651 - Designing Supportive Environments

This class guide supports student research for the Fall 2021 session of ID 651.

Library Research Guide

Database Subscriptions

Academic libraries subscribe to databases to provide access to scholarly, trustworthy publications. Although many libraries subscribe to the same databases, specific database subscriptions can vary by library system, depending on the research and teaching strengths of that institution.

Each of the boxes below include multiple tabs, each with a set of recommended databases for research in topics related to interior design. These lists are intended as starting points. Additional databases can be accessed on the K-State Libraries Databases page.

General Databases

Google Scholar and ProQuest Research Library are recommended as starting places as well as databases to search for popular press publications to establish context.

The Recommended Databases box below presents more specific recommendations that span the breadth and depth of topics covered in class. Use the K-State Libraries Databases page to explore different or additional database subscriptions that may be appropriate to your research topic.

Recommended Databases

These databases are helpful in researching information about aging populations and contain peer-reviewed, scholarly resources that assume a level of familiarity and understanding of academic terminology from their audiences. 

These databases  encompass research and publication in the psychological sciences.

These databases cover publications specific to the fields of business and the working world.

These databases offer information specific to interior design practice and scholarship.

These databases are especially helpful for researching topics related to education or learning environments.

These databases provide information on a variety of health related research. Information included in these databases will utilize the professional vocabulary of health practitioners.