ID 651 - Designing Supportive Environments

This class guide supports student research for the Fall 2021 session of ID 651.

Library Research Guide

Guide to Search It

Search It is the K-State Libraries main resource for finding and accessing research materials.

The Search It LibGuide includes step-by-step instructions for Accessing Resources. This includes:

  • using Search It to discover materials relevant to your research,
  • how to find articles available electronically,
  • connecting with physical copies of books, 
  • and requesting materials through our interlibrary loan system

The Search It Box on K-State Libraries' Home Page

Search It box on home page


  • Searches from this box are only keyword searches (no distinction between author, title, etc.).
  • Search It simultaneously searches K-State Libraries' physical holdings and most of its online collections, including millions of articles and electronic books.
  • To access this interface, navigate to K-State Libraries' home page.

The Simple Search Interface in Search It


  • A drop down menu allows you to control the extent of collections covered by your search.
    • Books, articles + more
    • K-State Libraries only
    • Course Reserves
    • Research Guides
  • Drop-down menus below the search box provide additional control over your search.
  • To find this interface, perform a search using the Search It box on the Libraries' home page. This interface will be shown at the top of the results screen.
simple search box


The Advanced Search Interface in Search It


  • Four facets in a dropdown menu next to the search box control the extent of collections covered by your search.
  • Use Boolean Operators to help narrow your search results.
    • AND = both concepts must be present, helps limit the search (Ex. "autism spectrum disorder" AND "educational environments")
    • OR = great for synonyms  (Ex. "universal design" OR "inclusive design")
    • NOT = exclude an unrelated term  (Ex. "lois weinthal" NOT "book review")
  • The fields to the right can be used to further narrow the search results.
  • More research needs?  Request an appointment.

advanced search box


Search It Flow Chart

Flowchart of information sources within Search It