LEAD 350 - Culture and Context in Leadership

Library Research Guide

Database Directory

Use the databases to find research articles (among many other cool things). We have over 300 databases; there are a number of ways that you can search for databases specific to your needs. The image below of the main database page highlights a few of the ways you can search.

Image of the main page of the A to Z listing of databases

Search Terms

Once you have decided on your topic, brainstorm keywords to use when you search for articles. You can do this by identifying the most important words or phrases in your research question. 

Sometimes the database will tell you what the keywords are, or even suggest other possible keywords to use for more articles.  In addition, try looking in the sections of research articles called Keywords, Descriptors, or Subject Headings.

In the Libraries' article databases, you'll use these words to search; unlike Google, these databases do not understand full sentences. 

Here is an example:

Research question:

What were the effects of the Supreme Court's Brown v. Topeka Board of Education on the inclusion of people of color in the larger communities?

Possible keywords:

Brown v. Topeka Board of Education / segregation / education / communit* / involvement / race 

Don't forget to use the * (asterisk) to get results with all forms of the word (communit* for community or communities)

Research Articles

In most cases, there is no one perfect article out there that will tell you everything you need to answer your research question - that's why you're asking it! If you cannot find an article that directly discusses what you need, look for articles that address parts of your topic or other related topics and apply those to yours.

A few databases we recommend starting with for your paper/presentation:

Interdisciplinary and A Great Place To Start

Social Sciences and Data