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Tips for Finding Tests and Measurements

For the purposes of this guide, "tests and measurements" includes instruments, scales, surveys, questionnaires, etc.  

  • Commercially published tests and measurements may only be available to view or use for a fee.
  • Even if you cannot access the test or measurement, you may be able to find descriptions and reviews that address reliability, validity, sensitivity, and specificity in Mental Measurements Yearbook or a scholarly journal article that evaluates the test.
  • APA PsycInfo indexes the tests and measurements used in articles. Most databases do not do this.
  • Try searching the library catalog for books on tests and measurements in your discipline. They can be a good source of background on commonly used tests and measurements.
  • Researchers often do not include the text of tests or measurements they used in an article. If they cite the authors that created or revised the instrument, that publication may include the entire test or measurement. Dissertations usually include more supplementary materials like questionnaires and surveys.

Scales for Personal Financial Planning

Mental Measurements Yearbook (Commercially Available Tests)

APA PsycInfo Tests and Mesurements Search

Search APA PsycInfo for studies that use specific tests or measurements.

Screenshot of dropdown menu used to search test and measurement field in APA PsycInfo


Screenshot of APA PsycInfo record showing names of tests used in study. PsycInfo does not include the full-text tests.